Shashwat Sachdev: “Writing music for cinema is what I have prepared for all my life”

Amrita Tanna

Senior Editor


Shashwat Sachdev made his music composer debut with ‘Phillauri’ in 2017 and he’s now released a song called Machlo independently, with good friend and colleague Romy.

Sachdev is known for his music in some well-known movies and caught up with him to talk about his latest offering and his overall journey.

Machlo is a fun and catchy song. Why did you choose this particular concept for a song?
Thank you so much that you find Machlo fun and catchy. A few years back me and my team were working in the studio and we were trying to figure a song for a film called Veere Di Wedding and that’s when we found this space for the song. We had it forever and then we couldn’t use it. Lately, I started working with Shivam, the label head and the owner of Malsons, and he really loved it and wanted to try it and do something as our first pop or dance single.

You make your singing debut with this song. Was this always the plan when you chose a musical career, even though you began as a composer?
This is not actually my singing debut. The first song that I sang was Bass Gira De Raja for Veere Di Wedding and I have always planned to be a composer, I learnt Hindustani classic and vocals for very long time so I sing but still for me I cannot particularly separate vocals from composing or composing from vocals. Because, for me, playing piano or singing or writing and all goes together and that’s how it has with me.

You worked with Romy in ‘Phillauri’ and ‘Veere Di Wedding’ and have come together for Machlo again. How would you describe your relationship?
I have worked with Romy for a very long time. I met him and he had come to my studio to record for Phillauri and he sang the songs. Then we worked together again in Veere Di Wedding and we started working together and he became a very integral part of my team. We have six to seven people that closely work with me in my team and Romy became an integral part. Romy is a very good music producer himself, he is a great mixing engineer and sings well too. when we were making a song, he was there hanging out and so the draft, and everybody loved it that we did not change it.

Do you think you will continue with songs independently as a singer alongside any Bollywood projects?
Yes, I do intend to do lot of independent music or the music that is outside film music but film music is still my basic inclination because that is something that I really enjoyed doing. Writing music for cinema is something that I have prepared myself for all my life but still there are times, there are opportunities a film would not give you. I would like to express myself whether it’s in classical or pop music or it’s in hip-hop music or so on. I feel that, for that expression, independent music is very important and I appreciate writing independent music.

What’s coming up next for you?
I have been working on a couple of things this year, which were suppose to release last year but, due to Covid, now they are going to be releasing in the coming months. I hope you really like the work that I am going to be publishing. I hope my audience appreciates what I am doing and may God give me the courage that I can honestly express myself. thanks Shashwat Sachdev for talking to us.