Shahid Kapoor set to star in Anees Bazmee’s next major comedy?

BizAsia Correspondent



Anees Bazmee is reportedly planning a huge comedy film, which is likely to star Shahid Kapoor.

If rumours are to be believed, the director is on the search for actors in the upcoming project.

A source was cited on Box Office Worldwide saying, “Anees and Shahid is a collaboration that was always meant to happen. It’s a proper commercial comic entertainer and Shahid is excited to enter the world of Anees Bazmee cinema. The film in question will be Bazmee’s immediate next film and kick off in the first quarter of 2023.”

Bazmee was also rumoured to be in talks with Vicky Kaushal about another film. The source added, “Anees was poised to do a film in the time frame when Vicky was free. When the dates finally didn’t work out, Anees promised Vicky another film and decided to move on with other work. His platter is currently occupied with the two films, and once they are out of his system, he will then proceed to other projects. Vicky and Anees film will happen at a later stage.”