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Schedule changes this weekend due to cricket

As we reported on ZEE UK yesterday ZEE TV will be
telecasting the ZEE TV Double Wicket cricket matches
this weekend Live, which means normal programming will
be affected.

Today at midday movie Ehsaan will be shown starring Joy
Mukherjee and thereafter cricket coverage begins at
15:00. At 19:00 the players will be given a break with
ZEE TV also taking a break for drama Mehndi Tere Naam
Ki. The drama will end at 19:30 with cricket contunining
until 23:00. At 23:00 drama Chataan will be shown.

Tomorrow, movie Do Dilon Ki Dastaan starring Sanjay Dutt
and Padmini Kohlapuri will be shown at midday with
cricket coverage beginning at 15:00. At 19:00 a cricket
break meaning a break for ZEE TV viewers with The Making
of Tum Bhin in the pipeline on Saturday night. Then
cricket coverage continues at 19:30.

Double Wicket ends at 23:00 on Saturday with dramas Tum
Pukar Lo and a repeat telecast of Sath Sath on air.

On Sunday afternoon watch classic movie Kasme Vaade and
then we re-join the cricketmania at 15:00 and then take
a break at 19:00 for ZEE & U. Cricket is continued at
19:30 and ending at 23:00. Aasman Se Tapki and a repeat
telecast of The Making Of Tum Bhin will be shown from