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Sayani Gupta on what it was like working with Shah Rukh Khan

She has a whole host of projects under her belt, from the big screen to digital shows, Sayani Gupta has become a fan favourite all around the world. However, it seems there is one project that will remain forever close to her, due to the opportunity of working with Shah Rukh Khan in ‘Fan’ (2016). In a recent interaction with the media, Gupta reveals what it was like working with the actor and what she had learnt from him.

“I am one of his gazillion fans. I love him more after I’ve worked with him. Just recently we completed 4 years of fan, so I think since I’ve worked with him, my love and respect for him has totally gone up. I not one of those who gets star struck at all, I don’t feel I should give someone so much importance just because they are famous. But I was quite excited to sort of meet him. He’s probably the only person in the world who I would be excited to meet.” Times reports the actress stating.

Talking about meeting Khan before starting to shoot, she expressed, “You know, we are all actors and I was hoping somebody would introduce us and I was waiting till the last minute. What happened was, they were already shooting another scene and Maneesh Sharma called us to rehearse some other scene. So, we both went to the other studio and straight away jumped into the scene and nobody bothered to introduce us whatsoever. So, we did this scene and I ended up on his lap because it was part of the scene and then I had to go and sit on the table right in front of us. When I sat on the table, there was a cut, and that’s when he suddenly realized that he hadn’t met me before. He said, “Maybe I don’t know your name, sorry.” Then I introduced myself and he hugged me, and that was our first interaction.”

“Ever since then, I realised that because he’s so cool and he doesn’t wear his stardom with so much importance, that’s why he doesn’t make you feel like he’s somebody so special. You are very okay to interact with him casually and that’s the beauty with which he operates,” Gupta added.

Gupta is currently celebrating the success of the second series of ‘Four More Shots Please!” (2020) on Amazon Prime, where she will be taking on more projects once the lockdown is lifted.

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