Sanya Malhotra: “I’ve learnt from my failures & I’m not scared anymore”

Jeetesh Luhar



After playing gold medallist Babita Phogat in ‘Dangal’ (2016), Sanya Malhotra will essay the role of a younger sibling once again. This time, it’s for Vishal Bhardwaj’s ‘Chhuriyaan.’

“…This character is completely different from Babita’s. She’s extroverted and out there, unlike me in real life,” laughs Malhotra. When asked about whether working with big directors makes her nervous she responded, “It doesn’t. Actually, I don’t want to have that feeling, and enjoy everything I do. If at all, I get anxious before the shoot for the character. But, the directors make you feel comfortable. For Chhuriyaan and Photograph, the preparation is internal and more psychological unlike Dangal, which was physical.”

On the two year gap since her debut Malhotra said, “I don’t mind waiting. It’s important to have patience and be happy even if you’re not working or don’t have money. I have projects with the most amazing directors and actors. So, the wait has been fine.” She also has no concerns regarding failure, reports DNA India.

“I’ve failed many times. I’ve given so many auditions and failed in 30-40 per cent of them. When I moved to Mumbai, I was so introverted that I didn’t know how to approach people for work. I did ads for a year before Dangal. But I’ve learnt from my failures and I’m not scared anymore. I think it keeps you grounded,” she said.

Her Plan B if things go wrong is simple. “Dancing is in my scheme of things already. I’m going to take a sabbatical soon to learn tap dancing. If acting doesn’t work, I will become a dancer,” She concluded.

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