Sanya Malhotra hoping to sign dance film next year

Amrita Tanna

Senior Editor


Sanya Malhotra, who has wowed the fans with her dance videos on social media, has said she hope to be a part of a dance film soon.

Talking to IANS, the actress shared, “I am dying to do a dance film and I think I am putting it out in the universe and manifesting it everyday. I am 100 per cent sure, I will do it. I am really passionate about it. I was a trained dancer before coming to Mumbai. Mixing these two passions (dancing and acting) of mine is like a dream project. Hopefully in 2021, I will sign a dance film”.

Having starred in some popular a critically acclaimed films, Malhotra talks about not being an actor who has had training, “I am not a trained actor, so I have learnt a lot about filmmaking and not just the acting aspect. The kind of actors I have worked with are very experienced and professional. The way they work and approach their characters, they have their own patterns and processes. All that is very fascinating for me as an actor”.

The actress’s film ‘Ludo’ is currently streaming on Netflix, premiering on the platform last week.