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Salman Khan’s verbal spat with Mithoon?

Salman Khan Bigg Boss

Salman Khan and singer-composer, Mithoon Sharma reportedly had a war of words at the recent Star Guild Awards.

Khan, who was hosting the show, interrupted Mithoon’s acceptance speech to point to a piece of paper stuck to his backside. Mithoon was on stage to pick up the award for ‘Tum Hi Ho’ from ‘Aashiqui 2’ and responded to Khan by saying that the paper was there due to the dull evening and Salman’s long speeches. Salman flew into a rage and ordered Mithoon out, saying, “Chal jaa. Nikal yahan se.” Then Mithun fired the salvo: “Sir, main aap se nahin darta.”

An eyewitness said, “Salman’s prank backfired totally. He looked very flustered. This was the last thing he expected. Nobody challenges Salman Khan like that in public. Seeing that the situation was snowballing into an ugly incident, Salman went up to Mithoon and hugged him lightly.”

Despite the spat, Mithoon looked calm and Salman too continued hosting the show as if nothing had happened. When contacted, Mithoon said, “I didn’t tell Salman that he was boring us with his speeches. I cannot say that to any senior actor like Salman.”