Salim Merchant confirms Wajid Khan did not die of coronavirus

Amrita Tanna

Senior Editor


Wajid Khan, of Sajid-Wajid, sadly passed away earlier today in Mumbai. The music director and singer is thought to have been in hospital on a ventilator. Fellow music composer Salim Merchant has opened up about Wajid’ sad demise and also confirmed that coronavirus wasn’t the cause of his death.

“This is a big shock for me. I was very close to him. I am feeling sad that I couldn’t even see him because of this lockdown. We are not even allowed to go to the hospital,” said Merchant, as quoted by TOI.

Merchant also confirmed that coronavirus was not what Wajid died from, “He was not well from quite some time now. I found out about his demise from a family member. Unlike all the news reports floating around, he did not die because of COVID-19 for sure”.

Talking about the future, Merchant also added, “I hope that Sajid finds strength and he continues to work. I hope the Bollywood fraternity gives him the opportunity to compose and move ahead. But Wajid was a very integral part of their team”.

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