Saif Ali Khan rushes to shed some kilos before nuptials

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Saif Ali Khan hitting the gym
Saif Ali Khan hitting the gym

A little over a month is left before the wedding of the year. The nuptials of Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor are set to take place on 18th October, as per a leaked wedding invite sent out by Sharmila Tagore. However, in contrast to convention, it seems it is the groom who is all for getting trim in this case rather than the bride.

According to NDTV, Khan had put on some extra pounds recently and is now hitting the gym to look that little bit trimmer for his wedding. Reports suggest that when at a fitting for an ongoing bridal��fashion show was conducted, the suits did not seem to fit Khan as they should have. An insider at the event confirmed, “Saif is scheduled to walk for designer Mandira Wirk. At the costume fitting and rehearsal, everyone was surprised to see his ensemble was not fitting him too well”.

The source went on to say that just hours before his catwalk appearance, the suit had to be altered so that it fit in the way the designers had designed it.