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Rohit Shetty brands Bollywood award events “fake”

With the start of the Bollywood awards season upon us, Rohit Shetty has admitted that he only attends an awards ceremony is they pay to host or give his film an award.

The popular filmmaker, who has delivered eight back-to-back hits in the Rs. 100 crore club, told Neha Dhupia in the podcast ‘No Filter Neha’, “If they pay me, I go. Genuinely. If they pay me ki aake host kar lo or if they give me an award, then I go. Otherwise no. Because it’s all fake na. It’s all a TV show.”

He also said that commercial entertainers are not given their due at award events, “We also work hard yaar, aisa nahi hai. We work 18 hours a day for a film. Making commercial films are more difficult; shooting an action scene in 48°C is more difficult than making a normal film in a house. But you don’t consider commercial films. I tell them, ‘If you want to give me an award, then I am coming, or if you want to pay me to host a segment, then I will come.’”

Shetty’s next ‘Sooryavanshi’ releases on 27th March 2020.