Richa Chadha to support the empowerment of young girls with the skill of self defence

Amrita Tanna

Senior Editor


MukkaMaar, a non-profit organization has collaborated with actor Richa Chadha for the idea to promote the need of teaching and furthering the skill of self defence amongst young girls. The NGO works with the Mumbai Municipal Education Department to provide young girls the opportunity to gender equitable schooling by running equity labs with teachers. Their prime focus is to ensure gender parity. The NGO has with support of the actress All set to launch a research report titled – Power of Body, Voice and Mind for every girl’ and also launch ‘POWER with Mukki’ and a digital product.

The actress is a new-age woman, someone who has broken barriers through her work. While most in the country and especially in the world of cinema believed that there is only a type of Bollywood actress; the shy, demure, docile kind, actress has gone on to break the myth through the stellar performances in movies like Gangs of Wasseypur and Fukrey. Won’t be wrong to say Chadha paved the way for strong, determined women to be portrayed and applauded on the big screen. Richa Chadha has come forward to extend her support for the launch of POWER with Mukki, a conversation based learning platform enabled on WhatsApp business API, and with this MukkaMaar will be able to serve 10,000 girls by 2022.

Chadha says, “Self-defense among girls will continue to be a priority till we are able to change our boys. May the situation never arise, when one needs to defend themselves. But it’s not just about fighting predators off, learning self-defense gives the girls more confidence in their own bodies, and makes them capable of expressing themselves better. Mukkamaar is doing incredible work, with thousands of girls and young adults, I have attended a few of their ground events and they’re fantastic”.