Ranveer Singh still respects Aamir Khan despite ‘AIB Roast’ slam


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Being humorous on the account of other people, isn’t always taken so lightly, and the commotion surrounding the ‘AIB Roast’ broadcast is full proof of that. One such person who didn’t take to kindly to the show was actor Aamir Khan, who was very vocal in his disapproval for the show’s content. Despite this however, the show’s host actor Ranveer Signh has expressed how he still holds a lot of love and respect for the senior actor.

“Even though Aamir did not like AIB Roast, I still love him and respect him from the bottom of my heart,” Zee News reported Singh stating.

He went onto say, “He has been a game changer of content. He is the poster boy for blurring the lines between alternate and commercial films.His bravery blendes these two worlds. All his choices….they were all integrated. They mix the best of both worlds.”

“He made commercial successes of the kind if content you couldn’t have imagined would be commercially viable.He is a revolution,” the young actor went onto add.

The comedy show also starred Karan Johar and Arjun Kapoor, where they poked fun at numerous names from the Indian Film Industry. The�� programme had very mixed reactions where they where getting applauded by one handful of people and slammed by another. This sort of banter has always been a part of the industry during events such as award shows, where the hosts would make a joke around a few celebrities. So it came to much surprise to many that some big stars were so against it. Looks like they’ll have to be a little more careful next time, otherwise they could be making a few enemies.

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