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Ranveer Singh raps for a new single

Before he kicks off his next movie, the Zoya Akhtar directed musical drama, ‘Gully Boys,’ Ranveer Singh has been working on his rapper persona by dressing up like one, hanging out with hip-hop and punk-rock artistes and listening to rap music while working out and travelling.

Often he breaks into a verse on his own too, reports Times of India. During filming on Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s period romance, ‘Padmavati,’ Singh recorded a single and shot for a music video with four young rappers. They were Canada based Spitsfire AKA Nitin Mishra, Mumbai’s Chaitnya Sharma AKA Slow Cheetah, Kunal Pandagle AKA Kaam Bhaari, and Delhi boy Abhay Prasad, who goes by the rap name Devil the Rhymer.

According to a source close to the development, the music video was shot in a parking lot that was converted into a set. “It’s an underground genre popular with youngsters. The makers and the rappers are hoping that it will find huge support and visibility with Ranveer’s efforts,” the source revealed. “Ranveer personally sifted through thousands of entries in February to pick out the four rappers and has been working with them since March. He also sat in on the edits and contributed his creative inputs. He’s now being regarded as the co-creator.”

Singer Anushka Manchanda, who has co-produced and edited the track with brother Shikhar, said that Singh is committed to every step of the creative process, always open to ideas but also very clear about what he wants.

Time will tell when MC Singh releases his first album.

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