Ranveer Singh feels he has been misrepresented

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Ranveer Singh becomes cautious
Ranveer Singh becomes cautious

Two-film-old Ranveer Singh has a number of promising projects to come. His attitude and confidence of the early days are what set him out to start with and perhaps didn’t sit well with many in the film fraternity. However, Singh has gone on record to admit that he is now more cautious.

Talking to IANS, the actor stated, “I am very enthusiastic and excitable. That is the person I am. It’s really sad that in the initial stage, my enthusiasm was viewed negatively and misrepresented. You have to watch what you have to say. Yes, my experience has made me cautious…”

What with his first two films proving to do well at the box office, Singh’s confidence would have risen but he maintains that he doesn’t want to dwell, “I don’t want to get relaxed and comfortable. It will some way or the other lead me to be complacent which I don’t want… If I am in a situation that makes me comfortable, then my alarm goes off. I think I am in a very good wicket. I think filmmakers see me as a versatile actor…”

Talking about the forthcoming ‘Ram Leela’ in which he is male lead, he comments, “I think it is exciting for an audience to see the same actor get into different skin. For me, it is the most exciting part to get into the skin which is different from what you have done before”.

Singh will also be seen opposite Sonakshi Sinha in ‘Lootera’ and he has also recently signed ‘Gunday’ which will see him in his first double-hero role with Arjun Kapoor.