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Rahul Khanna gets candid about new show ‘The Mavericks’

Rahul Khanna

Rahul Khanna is hailed as a style icon in India. The 44-year-old, multi talented actor is now set to host a TV show called ‘The Mavericks’, which will explore the world of whisky and detail out the nuances of single malt Scotch.

Talking to��The Indian Express��about his Scotland experience, the actor said,�ʉ��I always wanted to visit Scotland. I am an outdoor person. But I didn�۪t know much about whiskey. I had it on a couple of occasions. Many in my family drink whiskey. I didn�۪t know that there were a whole tradition and history to whiskey. I am much more aware of it now. I can tell you the types of whiskey and differentiate between them.�۝

During his 20 year long career, the actor has juggled around with quite a bit but says he’s open to something different and new.�ʉ��I always wanted to explore the craft and was open to trying new, different things. I still don�۪t know what I do as I keep doing different things. But the good thing about working in this profession is that you never have two days same. In my 20-years of working, I can say that I never had two days same as you keep doing new stuff,�۝ he adds.

With all that popularity and an envious lifestyle, there is still something that Khanna wishes to implement in his life, and in pursuit of happiness. He said,�ʉ��I am trying to streamline my life, to make it less cluttered. Over the years, I have become a bit of minimalist. My dream would be to limit my possessions so that I could pack them in a couple of suitcases as I am constantly on the move.�۝

‘The Mavericks’ is a first-of-its-kind show for TV will provide��insights into the art of whisky making at Dufftown, Scotland from none other than master blender of Glenfiddich Single Malt, Brian Kinsman.

This ‘Bollywood Hollywood’ (2002) actor’s��career path has sure been multi-cultural, as well as cutting across different genres of films.

BizAsia wishes Khanna the very best for his new show & future ventures.

By Chandrika Rao