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‘Queens Hain Hum’ gets new time slot on &TV

There was buzz of ‘Queens Hain Hum’ going off-air but the latest development is that the show’s time slot is being changed to 18:30 (India) starting 8th March.

The show, which currently airs at 20:00 (India), will have a repeat telecast of 23:30. Producer Jyoti Gupta who confirmed the development said, “We feel that 18:30 slot will bring in more audiences of small town as they are early watchers and woman in small town will get to see story of modern women in the city and they will realise that all women have similar stories when it comes to emotions and dealing with the society. And 23:30 repeat will be a boon for our urban audiences as there were lots of complaint that they are missing out our show as there is no repeat telecast in the night and by the time they reach home show is over.”.

We hope the bold content reaches to wider audience and gain acceptance. Sharma the producer under the banner of Silver Ivory productions is not leaving any stone unturned to gain eyeballs. Creative producer Bharvi Shah and writer Kumar Gautam form a good supporting team too.