Q1 2007: Sunrise vs BBC Asian Network

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Days back, BizAsia.co.uk revealed the macro RAJAR results for the preceding quarter.

The results ushered in good news for Sunrise Radio and rang disheartening bells for the BBC Asian Network. The sole worrying factor for Sunrise Radio though came in the form of Kismat Radio slipping.

According to a multitude of sources and compiled data with BizAsia.co.uk, some interesting and overall weekday and weekend observations of the relative programme popularity in the first quarter of 2007 are interesting to know:

In terms of cumulative reach, Sunrise Radio was stronger than the BBC Asian Network on its ‘Breakfast’ and ‘Drive’ shows. During their daytime programmes, Sunrise Radio showed a sharp dip in performance but still remained a notch higher the Asian Network for the most part.

Within the Asian Network, Adil Ray’s show was a top performer, though not on par with the Sunrise counterpart.

Sunrise Radio towered above the BBC Asian Network except during a few hours in the morning when the latter stole the thunder. The top-performing properties on Sunrise Radio included ‘Breakfast’, followed by the Afternoon show, Suzi Mann’s ‘Hindi Top 20’ (the saucy Bollywood chart and magazine show) and Maya Mistry show (the Saturday evening party tracks show).

The Asian Network’s ‘Film Cafe’ (the immaculately produced Bollywood news, reviews and interviews show) outperformed Sunrise in the morning making it a top performer on the Asian Network over weekends. Going forward, it would be interesting to see whether the relatively damp ‘Love Bollywood’ is able to outperform ‘Film Cafe’ and/or emerge a weekend top performer!

Sunrise Radio gradually improved their reach on Sunday. The top performer was ‘Breakfast’, followed by bits of the ‘Ruby Raza Show’ and The ‘Official People’s Network Chart Show’.

The best performer on The Asian Network was ‘Sunday Soundtrack’ (the Bollywood music and chart show) followed by ‘Breakdown’ and ‘Silver Street Omnibus’.

Tell us what you think…
Which of these top programmes has been your favourite?

-Weekday Breakfast (Sunrise)
-Weekday Drive (Sunrise)
-Sunday Breakfast (Sunrise)
-Suzi Mann’s Hindi Top 20 (Sunrise)
-Maya Mistry Show (Sunrise)
-Ruby Raza Show (Sunrise)
-Official People’s Network Chart Show (Sunrise)
-Adil Ray Show (BBC Asian Network)
-Film Cafe (BBC Asian Network)
-Sunday Soundtrack (BBC Asian Network)
-Breakdown (BBC Asian Network)
-Silver Street Omnibus (BBC Asian Network)
-None of the above

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