Priyanka Chopra’s ex Aseem Merchant jumps to her rescue


Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra’s ex-boyfriend and former manager Aseem Merchant has jumped to her rescue after her ex-secretary Prakash Jaju had a rant at the star on Twitter.

Deccan Chronicle reports that Merchant was allegedly making a biopic on Jaju’s life as a celebrity manager but only as the concept was “interesting”. Aseem also says that he would never want to hurt or upset Priyanka as she is one of the ��nicest�۪ girl he has ever known.

Merchant said: The tweets of Mr Prakash Jaju are untrue , very disturbing and in bad taste I’d like to clarify here that neither am I in touch with him nor part of any of this negative activity , I was approached to produce the film ’67 days’ his biopic and thought it would make an interesting film about a celeb manager and his journey but distanced myself from this episode after seeing it being blown into another direction and have shelved the idea permanently of making that film , as I’d never want to hurt or upset Priyanka as she’s one of the nicest, most hardworking and family oriented girl I’ve ever known I always wish her the very best!!

In his tweets, Jaju accused Chopra of having an affair with a married actor and even churned out of some of her secrets.

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