'Chashme Baddoor' to be screened specially

The original writer-director of ‘Chashme Buddoor’ has slammed David Dhawan for re-making 1981 classic movie.

Sai Paranjpye told Times Of India that Dhawan will not be able to do justice to her film, as their creative sensibilities are poles apart. Furthermore, Paranjpye has cut off all ties with her friend, Jayshree Makhija, for selling the remake rights of the film to Viacom 18. Makhija got the rights of the film after her brother and the producer of the film, Gul Anand, passed away.

A source told the newspaper, “I fail to understand why Makhija and Paranjpye are fighting over a film made 31 years ago. Moreover, the promos of Dhawan’s remake do not look too similar to the original.”

According to a friend of Paranjpye, she was not at all keen to have her treasured film remade by someone who is best known for ‘Coolie No.1’, ‘Hero No.1’ and more recently, duds like ‘Do Knot Disturb’ and ‘Rascals’. With the promos of the remake lacking the finesse and spirit of the original, Paranjpye has more reasons to fume.