Ofcom: Club Asia goes into administration

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Media regulator Ofcom has confirmed to BizAsia.co.uk that Club Asia has gone into administration.

An Ofcom spokesman said, “We have been notified that Club Asia have gone into administration.”

Yesterday, a presenter from Club Asia told BizAsia.co.uk that he hoped a new buyer would have been confirmed by the time he came back from his holiday in a week’s time.

A question mark has been hanging over Club Asia’s future for the past couple of years but any talk of takeovers and mergers had been denied on numerous occasions.

Today’s developments will certainly add a new take on the competitive London market. Since its launch in 2003, Club Asia has attempted to give commercial rival Sunrise Radio a run for its money. However, it has suffered several setbacks including a decline in listening figures and inconsistency in programming.

We now wait to see what happens next – will a third party rescue sisters Humerah Ahmad and Sumerah Srivastava from this rut or will new takeovers revive the sinking station?

We are still awaiting official confirmation from Club Asia about these latest developments. We have attempted to contact Club Asia numerous times but we have received no response at the time of filing this news piece.