A new Punjabi music channel is set to launch as an IPTV service online by the end of February 2019.

The channel’s core programming will consist of music videos from artists around the world. It will be available round the clock. 5AB TV also plans to introduce elements of entertainment shows including talk and chart shows. The channel has also been working with content creators to commission work.

Talking to BizAsiaLive.com exclusively, a spokesperson for 5AB TV said, “Initially the platform will be available as an IPTV channel being hosted on our website and on a number of other IPTV sources. We are working with Asian streaming providers to get our channel on their platforms for launch. The reason we’ve chosen to take this approach is that linear TV is changing and so are viewing habits. Just looking at the BARB figures for UK Panjabi channels show that the numbers are not what they used to be. We made the decision that the funds we would have used to broadcast via satellite could be better used in making great content. If we ever reach the point where we feel linear TV will be for us (which we highly doubt) then we may consider it. Our main focus at the moment is making our content available worldwide to all.”

It added, “We will always engage and interact with key figures to ensure what we are offering is still what the industry wants to see and what our audience is interested in. Our biggest USP with 5AB TV is that we will never charge an artist to share their music on our TV channel. Panjabi channels have become too caught up in profits to care about what their audience wants, which is demonstrated by their declining viewing figures. Artists put a lot of work and money into releasing music so we want to give them a platform to share at no added cost. We plan to embrace creativity, engage with our audience, innovate with new ideas and lead the way for Panjabi TV.”

Unlike other services, where personalities dominate TV channels, 5AB TV will let its product do the talking and let viewers want the channel for what it is. The spokesperson concluded by saying, “5AB TV is being launched by a group of UK Panjabi music fans who have a keen interest in supporting and evolving the Panjabi music industry. All members have chosen to stay anonymous as we want the channel to be about the channel, and not us. We are doing what we are doing to benefit our industry and not our personal reputation. Our group is comprised of people who have experience within the industry, experience within TV and experience in running business. We have a mix of skills and a whole heap of knowledge which we know will come in handy for us. We’ve spent the last year carefully planning and engaging to ensure when we do launch, it’s a success.”