The biggest thing to hit India’s number one music

channel-ZEE Music has now been unveiled to UK viewers’!

The channel has been a HUGE hit in India in its new

avatar and is guaranteed to do the same in the UK. “We

have always endeavoured to give our viewers the very

best in Asian music. The new look ZEE Music is based on

the feedback we have received over time and we believe

it’s the right time for a change” said Sangraam Marathe,

Executive Producer of ZEE Music, UK.

While old favourites like Jus Bhangra and the ever

popular Music Box stay, there will be new programmes

like Boom Station, Daud, Music Theatre, Cinemascope and

Garam. Trendz & Hot Shots are two brand new UK based

shows which will launch this week.

ZEE Music now sports a new dynamic red coloured “Z” logo

and some flashy onscreen graphics. Check out ZEE Music

pronto…its what you’ve all been waiting for!