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Music Review: ‘Badhaai Do’

Comedy flavours are in order this Valentines weekend with the forthcoming Bollywood release ‘Badhaai Do’ lined up this February. Rajkummar Rao and Bhumi Pednekar engage in a marriage of convenience to hide their sexual preferences from their families and things only get more complicated when the families start to demand grand-children. This comedy drama with a difference is the work of director Harshavardhan Kulkarni and the trailer looks like a lot of fun. Shot completely during Covid, this is one of those movies that hasn’t been delayed multiple times before hitting the screens. Based in a small B-town in India, the music is expected to have a more mass appeal to it and going with the theme of love, wedding and babies there should be a lot of fun celebratory songs in this album. A mix of big artist names are on the album including Tanishk Bagchi, Amit Trivedi and Ankit Tiwari and so there are good expectations for an exciting commercial soundtrack.

The first single as expected is a proper fun wedding song called Badhaai Do – Title Track. The song is a perfect platform for Nakash Aziz to deliver a really good vocal on and he does a great job at it! There is a lot of attack in his delivery that does majority of the job of delivering the excitement that is evident in this song. His voice is perfect for this style of song and he does a great job across the range of it, especially the high end.

Baghchi’s composition is really smooth and easy to dance along to. He has made the music very contemporary with a stronger traditional touch making it ideal for an Indian wedding setting. The Tabla and Dholki beats are nicely arranged with all the wind and string instruments driving a strong dance tempo for this song. The best part of Vayu’s lyrics are easy on the ears with very simple conversational language in Hinglish. He draws in the entire family into the celebration putting the bride and groom at the centre of it making this a really good wedding number for the ongoing wedding season. The video is pretty fun too adding extra colour to the music making this a strong leading song for the album albeit not the best in this overcrowded wedding songs category. 4/5

More tracks from ‘Badhaai Do’ will be reviewed on this page when they become available.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.