Movie Review: ‘Raaz 3’

Movie Review: 'Raaz 3'
Movie Review: 'Raaz 3'

When the trailers for this film hit our screens, it was clear to see that this was going to be the scariest yet in the series of ��Raaz�۪ films. With the latest technology at their disposal, Vikram Bhatt, director of ��Raaz 3�۪, had all the resources to make this film the most spine-chilling Bollywood film ever. Bipasha Basu was looking her hottest yet and the physical demands for this film are clear to see with all the lingerie shots she is obliged to perform. ��Alongside the sizzling Ms Basu is��Esha Gupta, who��also starred in ��Jannat 2�۪ (2012) earlier��this year.����’Raaz 3′ promises to be one of the sexiest thrillers ever with some very strong leads with the two actresses and Emraan Hashmi acting as the hero.

Shanaya (Bipasha Basu) is a lead actress in the film industry who is slowly falling off the pedestal with young and hot new actress Sanjana (Esha Gupta) taking over. After taking away her movies and awards, Shanaya heads to black magic to get back her last days of fame. She manipulates director and Shanaya�۪s lover Aditya (Emraan Hashmi) to start using cursed water on Sanjana to torture her for taking her top spot.��Sanjana slowly starts going crazy and doesn�۪t understand what is happening to her while the industry assumes that the young actress is having a nervous breakdown. Plagued by his guilt and Shanaya�۪s constant presence, Aditya starts to fall for Sanjana and decides to help her to remove the presence of black magic.

If you have seen previous ‘Raaz’ films, this pretty much fits the same formula with the alluring actresses and the male lead being manipulated throughout the film. The storyline for this film isn�۪t new but it is portrayed well with some scenes that will make you jump in your seat. Basu was truly made for the genre of these films and she carries��this role��off with finesse. She has the dark and sexually mesmerising look to carry off the craziness of her character and makes the obsessiveness of her character come across really well. Hashmi is in his element playing the manipulated lover but apart from that he doesn�۪t do much else. The women in this film do overpower Hashmi�۪s presence but that isn�۪t a bad thing as he is meant to be a pawn in the game. Special mention has to go to Gupta who honestly plays a possessed woman pretty well. It is clear that she would be out of her depth next to such an experienced actress like Basu but Gupta does do her role justice. Though many of Gupta�۪s scenes involve her screaming, she does have the face to carry off the wronged actress look well. It will be interesting to see where she goes next.

All in all, it is a film that you would go to see if you were keen on the ‘Raaz’ films. Personally, I was sceptical to watch this and I was hard-pressed to find the entire film scary. The actors do their characters justice in an otherwise one dimensional storyline. The soundtrack for this film is its true hero with songs like��Marhaba on its playlist.

BizAsia Showbiz Rating: 2/5

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