More DJ losses for Sunrise Radio?

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


News that sends shock-waves down the industry…Following the departure of Paul Shah, Bobby Bossman, Anisa Nasir, Sonia Dutta, Vik Kumar, Sunny Kapoor and some other Sunrise Radio presenters, comes the unofficial gossip that two more weekend presenters have quit…

Following the newsbreak about not hearing Maya Mistry on air on Saturday night (Read Biz Bitch) we hear from people that the young lady who perked up Saturday evenings is actually not with the station anymore!

The bigger shock to hit us on Sunday evening was the chitter-chatter about Suzi Mann’s rumoured departure…the inordinately popular DJ (recently nominated for the UK AMA) of the flagship weekend show, ‘Bollywood Top 20’, on Saturday, had suddenly decided against continuing say birdies…

Keep watching this space for the official updates.