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Mohsin Khan opens up about Ramadan & Eid during lockdown

The ongoing lockdown has had a severe affect on the daily lives of every individual, but for those who are getting to spend some quality time with their family members, it couldn’t have been any better. With Eid-ul-Fitr being celebrated globally, people who have been fasting got a break from their work because of the lockdown. Even for actors, who had to shoot while fasting, things got a little easier. The same is applicable for actor Mohsin Khan who is currently spending the Ramadan period with his family.

The actor, like every year, is keeping his fast, however, he says that since there is no shoot fasting and iftari happens timely. He calls Ramadan as the “period of purification” and added, “Since there is no shoot iftari happens timely with family. It is first time ever that Ramadan and Eid will be in the lockdown.”

The ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ star is fond of kebabs, pakoras and biryani, and his mother like every mother is making what he likes to pamper him. He accepts that though his Ammi is not letting him work at home, he is trying to contribute in whatever way he can.

Talking about the coronavirus, Mohsin says, “I pray and wish that corona goes away and we can live a normal life like before. I request everyone to stay at home and follow the guidelines as specified by the government. Social distancing is the reality and we have to live with it, social distancing is the new normal.”

He further added that one must keep themselves busy and stay positive during this crisis. “Taking care of mental health is very necessary. One need to stay positive. I believe it is nice to be important but more important to be nice. One must live life one day at a time. I request everyone to stay calm and safe at home,” he said.

When asked about the setback the entertainment industry has faced during this pandemic, he said, “Pandemic is not in our hands. Everyone wants corona to go away. Whatever the situation be, we have to face it realistically and together. This too shall pass. Nothing is permanent.”

“Government will take the call based no the city’s situation to lift lockdown or continue with specific restrictions. Entertainment industry is big in the entire country. Its bread and butter for Thousands of people and obviously contribute to each of our lives in one or the other way. Sooner or later there will emerge a solution but till then we need to keep patience with grace. We need to make sure to stand with our family during this tough time. Famous late actor Rajkapoor used to say, ‘The show must go on’,” he concluded.