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Mohit Malhotra on Bollywood, OTT & TV opportunities

A variety of projects in different genres are being made in Bollywood, OTT and television. Even music videos and short films are in the works in huge numbers. Those working in front and beyond the camera are therefore often spoilt for choice. At the same time along with the opportunity, comes the competition, which is increasing every day.

“Opportunities have definitely increased. There are various platforms to showcase your skills. If you are an actor then you must not be sitting at home at this time because there are various opportunities and many different platforms. You have to decide what you want to do. Competition is always with yourself. You have to do better than what you have done in your previous work. So for me it’s always beating myself, doing better than the last one and moving forward,” he shares.

It is said that looks are very important for actors. “It used to be but not anymore. Looks compliment you when you are working for a character that requires it, otherwise it’s always your craft. We have so many actors who are not very typical when it comes to their looks and are still great actors,” says Mohit, who would have not become anything but an actor, his first and only love when it comes to his profession.

“Acting has always been the love of my life and I will pursue that forever. Acting makes me feel alive. The moment between the action and cut is what I strive for and I can’t wait to be on set again and feel alive again. Every role that I select, I think of it as a dream role. I don’t choose any work that I don’t think I would do. It’s always been part of the list. What’s fun if you don’t put your heart and soul into that role? So whatever is in the moment is my dream role,” he adds.

There is no guarantee what works with audiences on TV. The taste of audiences varies from time to time. “As an actor you don’t have to worry about what the audience is going to like. If you are true to your emotions and feeling the scene, as long as you are true to yourself and your craft, it’s good. You can’t think of results and only think about what you are doing in your role. Stop expecting and enjoy what you are doing,” he says.