Manoj Tiwari to make special appearance in ‘Lucknow Central’

BizAsia Correspondent



Farhan Akthar’s upcoming film ‘Lucknow Central’ will see Manoj Tiwari in a special guest appearance.  Tiwari will be playing himself and will showcase Akthar’s character as a huge fan of the singer in the film.

The singer turned politician, whose political party is enjoying huge success at the voting polls, was excited to feature in the film.  HindustanTimes reported the Delhi BJP’s Chief as saying “I wouldn’t have had so much fun had I been cast as the lead as I did playing this part”.

He went onto express his admiration for director Ranjit Tiwari and revealed he was impressed by the portions of the film he had seen thus far.

In the film, Tiwari will be seen performing on stage and will see Akthar’s character trying to reach him.  As the film focusses on a group of prisoners forming a music band, it seems fitting for a high profile star like Tiwari to feature.

‘Lucknow Central’ is expected to release in September.