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Malaika Arora on women having a second chance at love: “It is a taboo in our country”

Malaika Arora recently opened up about how more conversations need to be had around women having a second chance at love. Arora and Arjun Kapoor went public with their relationship on his birthday, but have faced criticism along the way as speculation of their relationship increased with every public appearance.

Reported on DNA India, when Arora spoke to media, she said the subject of women finding love again was a huge taboo in India which needs to be addressed. “It is a taboo is because there are a lot of situations and issues that need to be tackled in our country, though I think the issue needs to be looked at with an open mind.”

Adding further, “A little more sensitivity (is needed), as opposed to being harsh and callous and negative towards things. I think it is important to be inclusive. When I talk of second chances, I’m thinking of making the most of second chances. I think everybody should be given a second chance.”

Arora understands that being famous also means being under media scrutiny at all times. “It is part of being in the public eye, of being in this business. I think the sooner you make peace with it, the better things work out for you. Also, I feel we are all quite comfortable with it right now.”

In the day-and-age of digital, it is far more accessible for people to get insight into a celebrity’s life, which includes being trolled. For Arora this isn’t a big deal, “No one should give importance to trolls, because if you pay heed to them you just fuel trolling. At the end of the day, we have something called the media to project everything that needs to be out there. I do not give trolling or negativity any importance.”