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Kunal Verma & Puja Banerjee to marry amid lockdown

Kunal Verma and Puja Banerjee’s were preparing for a grand wedding was to be held on 15th April, but had to cancel last minute due to the lockdown. However, they are not letting the lack of festivities stop them from getting married.

The couple is still planning to tie the knot on 15th April even if it takes place on a much smaller scale. “We are hoping to have a registered marriage on April 15, but it depends on the lockdown situation. In case it does not work out, we will postpone the wedding by 10 days. Let’s see how things go.”, said Verma, adding that “My mother was very excited about the wedding and had shopped for the entire family. Ideally, she wants our shaadi to be complete with band, baaja and baraat. My heart breaks to see her dreams not getting fulfilled, but I don’t want to wait for a few more months. Puja and I are soulmates and marriage is just a signature, but the sooner it happens, the better.”, Times of India reported.

Banerjee and Verma have been engaged since 2017.