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KTV not in breach of charity appeal in August 2020

Ofcom has cleared KTV of any breach for a charity appeal it broadcast in August 2020.

Baba Darshan Singh Katha is a religious programme based on the teachings of Sant Baba Darshan Singh. Sant Baba Darshan Singh resides in a village called Dhakki Sahib near Payal in the Ludhiana district of Punjab where it is believed he made the land sacred and fertile through a year-long meditation in 1986 – 1987.

The programme contained an appeal on behalf of Tapoban Dhakki Sahib Trust. The programme was broadcast mostly in Punjabi, with some on screen captions in Punjabi and English.

Based on the information provided, Ofcom’s decision is that KTV took reasonable steps to
satisfy itself that Tapoban Dhakki Sahab Trust could produce satisfactory evidence of its charitable status prior to the broadcast of the charity appeal featured in the programme.