Krushna Abhishek clears up comments on relationship with uncle Govinda

Jeetesh Luhar



Krushna Abhishek is often in news for the relationship he shares with his uncle – none other than superstar Govinda. And despite the hostility between the two being made public for quite some time, Abhishek says his words are often blown out of proportion.

“It has happened many times that I have been talking about my mama (maternal uncle). Many a times I would say certain things but only part of it would be picked and blown blown out of proportion. If I say ‘I love Govinda but why is he doing this with me’, then only second half of the sentence comes out in headline,” the star told the media.

He went on to say, “It upsets me. The things which are close to my heart and I try to convey don’t reach the other person. Miscommunication goes with it, even if you make a normal comment. Even a small thing is blown out of proportion.”

Abhishek, who will soon be seen in the second season of ‘OMG: Yeh Mera India,’ said that his relations get affected because of the negative reports on him. “It has happened two to three times. I had an issue with John Abraham and at that time the actual thing never reached John. So many controversies have happened with mama. Sometimes I feel that instead of talking about it in media, I should probably do a live on Instagram. But I can’t because when I do it, people will wonder what has happened to me.”

The star discussed his role in ‘OMG: Yeh Mera India,’ where he is the anchor, reports Pinkvilla. “We always say that we are coming with a power-packed season. The scenario going on (refers to the pandemic), you cannot go out and shoot. For me doing my anchor link was also tough. This time also these guys have come up with inspirational stories and even after so many troubles, people have come with such innovative things. When I see stories from Mumbai, a place I was born and grew up in, I am so surprised. That is my OMG moment.”

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