Katrina Kaif urges women to speak up

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Katrina Kaif 2

Katrina Kaif is an actress who has essentially made it in Bollywood from being an unknown. Her strengths are known to many in the industry and she has recently urged women who are suffering from any kind of crimes against them to make themselves heard.

According to PTI, Kaif was talking during the ‘WeUnite’ conference. She said, “I know of educated women, who remain silent in the face of violence, because they are afraid to confront societal norms and have fingers pointed in their direction. Specially when the majority of our society fails to recognise martial rape as a crime”.

She continued, “I would urge more women to speak up. It is not okay to feel inferior or weak, because we are not the weaker sex by any stretch of imagination”.

The actress concluded, “On a daily basis there are shocking stories about the violent crimes made against women. Yet, I can only imagine how many other crimes against women in India go unreported”.

Kaif will be seen next in ‘Jagga Jasoos’ which releases next year, directed by Anurag Basu.