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Kareena Kapoor Khan on always looking for fresh projects

Kareena Kapoor Khan is seemingly always still compared with the younger generation. The actress has opened up to say that she feels it’s because she’s always searching for fresh content.

“That’s why after twenty years, one can still work, still be compared to the younger generation. I wonder why do they do that because I’m not a part of this generation, or this race. But people always compare me with someone and I’m like ‘but why?’ That’s wrong. I have spent two decades in the industry, I’m doing my own thing, happy in my own space, and I am content in whatever that’s happening,” said Kapoor Khan, according to PTI.

On her character in the forthcoming ‘Good Newwz’, Kapoor Khan added, “Of course, there’s a lot of male testosterone with Akshay and Diljit, but the women are the pivotal part of the film. Dipti’s character is driving the film, she is the one who picks up the phone and tells him that she’s ovulating and he needs to be there.”

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