Kareena Kapoor Khan

Kareena Kapoor Khan

Kareena Kapoor Khan has denied performing for an item song with Suriya in Tamil film ‘Anjaan’.

An April Fools article earlier this month reported that Khan was set for her first item song in a non-Hindi film. However, the actress said that she has zero interest in acting in films where there is a language barrier.

She told DNA, “How can I emote in a language that I don’t know? I was offered beautiful scripts by the late Rituparno Ghosh in Bengali. I never could bring myself to work with this brilliant filmmaker because of the language barrier, and now he is gone.”

“I don’t know where such baseless stories come from. I haven’t signed any such film. I don’t even know who Suriya and Linguswamy are. I’ve never seen them. I’ve zero interest in acting in non-Hindi films, whether it is down South or in Hollywood.” she further added resentfully.

The actress is of the opinion that without understanding the language which you have to act in there can be no real flow of emotion. It will, therefore, be unable to build a strong bond between the actor and the audience,