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Karan Johar on ‘DDLJ’: ”I’m so proud that I was a tiny part of this beautiful film”

Today, marks 25 years of Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol starrer ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’. Fondly known as ‘DDLJ’ by everyone, the movie has changed the perspective of romance for audiences across the globe. Every single cast member has taken the Internet by storm and revisited the movie by sharing how grateful they are for the experience. Well-known director, producer Karan Johar, who was a part of this iconic movie, also took to his social media handles to share a video and some throwback pictures from the film.

In the legendary film, Karan essayed the role of Rocky, one of Raj’s best friends. Even though the director-producer didn’t get substantial screen time, he revealed being a part of the movie as ‘my training ground’.

Sharing the post on his Instagram, Karan wrote, “DDLJ is so so special to me and will always be….it was my training ground ….I have indelible memories of our times on set….the film has achieved the status of being a legendary love story and I am so proud that I was a tiny part of this beautiful film! Thank you Adi for all my learning’s and all the memories … #DDLJ25 @yrf”

Even today after 25 years, DDLJ has a nostalgic impact on the audience. Every character that was a part of the movie is still cherished and loved by Bollywood fanatics.