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Salman Khan extends friendship with Karan Johar
Salman Khan extends friendship with Karan Johar

We all know that filmmaker Karan Johar and actor, Salman Khan have recently become good friends. Moreover they extended their friendship at the weekend during the premiere of ‘Dabangg 2’ and Sohail Khan’s birthday.

A source told Mid-Day, “Karan stuck like glue to Salman. They remained inseparable throughout. It was shocking for many guests at the party considering that Karan is known to be a close friend of Salman۪s archrival Shah Rukh Khan.”

Word has it that Johar was seen with Khan even after the parties had finished. The source added, “So much that Salman too at one point of time was wondering why KJo was being so friendly.”

Another source told Mid-Day, “It is a little known fact that Karan is Salman۪s friend and they worked together in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. KJo was not seen with Salman till very recently. He is now a regular at Salman۪s parties but the fact that he stuck to him has managed to surprise everyone.”