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JLS’s Oritsé Williams announces engagement to singer Kazz Kumar

Oritsé Williams from popular band JLS and singer Kazz Kumar have announced their engagement.

It’s thought that they got engaged in October while they were on the Beat Again reunion tour, according to Hello!. Talking about the rest of the JLS band – Marvin and JB – and their families, Kazz Kumar said, “They’ve really welcomed me into the family.”

Williams added, “The JLS kids absolutely love her. I had to peel them off her to give her a kiss before I went on stage during the tour. They were like: ‘No, she’s our Kazz!”

Kazz Kumar went on to say, “I knew from our very first date that I wanted to be with Oritsé for the rest of my life. He’s so different from everyone else. He’s the sweetest man and the kindest soul in the entire world.”