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Jennifer Winget denies quitting Sony TV’s ‘Beyhadh 2’

Sony Entertainment Television’s popular thriller ‘Beyhadh 2’ has been in the news over the last few days after it emerged the show was set to go digital. Furthermore, it was reported that its lead actress, Jennifer Winget will exit the show after the change.

However, it was recently revealed by the channel that the show has no plans of going digital and will remain on the channel until it meets its logical end.

Today, Winget has gone step further and denied rumours that she is quitting the show. She took to social media to say, “Here it is, to clarify, I am not “quitting” Beyhadh or anything to that effect. I am sticking to my original plan as envisaged when I signed on and honouring my initial commitment. The fact remains that the channel was keen on moving the show to its digital platform, and all I did was beg to defer their decision, preferring/agreeing to continue on TV. For the record, there had been no discussion of a price hike or bolting on Beyhadh at any point.”

Meanwhile, Prateek Sharma, producer of the show told Times of India, “Beyhadh is a finite show and it will run for six months. It is already three months old and it is getting the same kind of viewership as it had in the first season. All this talk of the show going off-air is false.”