KBC 2012 makes impressive launch on Sony

Sony Entertainment Television Asia has returned to fourth place in the India ratings with the help of popular reality show ‘Kaun Banega Croreprati’.

As per figures for Week 36, Sony TV which was at the fifth position last week has risen up to fourth place and seen a huge incline, recording Gross TVT of 346 million with 14.84% relative share (last week 291 million TVT with 12.92% of relative share).

However, Star Plus remained the market leader with Gross TVT of 495 million and relative share of 21.22% (last week 496 million TVT with 21.99% relative share).

Colors was in second place but saw a slight decline with Gross TVT of 453 million and relative share of 19.42% (last week 453 million TVT with 20.10% relative share).

ZEE TV had a successful week with its fictions shows, in total the channel recorded 411 million of Gross TVT with 17.62% of relative share. The channel had 395 million TVT with relative share of 17.53% last week.

Sony TV was in fourth and Sony SAB TV next with Gross TVT of 322 million with 13.83% relative share (last week 319 million TVT and 14.16% relative share).

Star Life Ok was in sixth with Gross TVT of 276 million against last week۪s 270 million. The channel۪s relative share was 11.85% in Week 36 against 11.98% in Week 35.

Sahara One was at the bottom with 29 million TVT with 1.23 % relative share (last week 30 million TVT and 1.32% relative share).