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In Video: Bus driver Ranjit Singh becomes singing sensation

A West Midlands bus driver has become a singing sensation in the local community after creating a feel-good music video about his job on YouTube.

Ranjit Singh, 59, who is based at National Express West Midlands’ depot in West Bromwich, combined his love for driving and singing to create the new YouTube hit featuring many of his colleagues.

The video, filmed in Punjabi, was published so that Ranjit could share with his family and friends in India what he does for work and how he works with many different ‘brothers and sisters’.

Since its release, the video has been viewed thousands of times and met with many comments of praise across social media from fellow bus drivers and wider.

When asked about why he wanted to create the video, Ranjit said:

“I have a great passion for driving and singing, so I wanted to combine the two together. I thought there was no better way than a video to show my family back home what I do for a living.

“I have worked at National Express West Midlands for 13 years and take great pride in what I do. There’s a real team spirit and I wanted to do something that celebrated the many different communities we have at our West Bromwich depot and how we all work together as one team.”

National Express was named as having the Best UK Employee Wellness Initiative at this year’s British HR awards, and stories like that of Ranjit and his musical buddies explain why.

David Bradford, Managing Director for National Express West Midlands, said:

“Our staff really are our greatest assets. They all work incredibly hard to keep our customers moving, and to see the enthusiasm that they have for their roles in the company is great. Thank you to Ranjit and the team at West Bromwich for putting such a smile on everyone’s faces.

“With bus fares reducing even further in January I know there will be more customers on board to join in their enthusiasm for bus travel.

Source: National Express