Imagine to show real Punjabi family wedding


Keeping with its tradition of real-life swayamavar’sand weddings, Imagine has confirmed that it is planning to follow a real Punjabi family leading to a wedding.

The show tentatively titled ‘Punjabi Family Hunt’ will be along the lines of ‘Big Fat Indian Wedding’ whereby Imagine will follow a real Punjabi family in India and the trial and tribulations it goes through leading up to a wedding.

A source said, “At present the channel has selected five Punjabi families out of which one is from Chandigarh, two from Delhi and the other two from other places in Punjab. The channel will select one family that has the best camera profile. As of now the channel has thought about covering the Sehgals from Delhi but things can change. The families that are participating in the show are commoners.”

The family will be followed over a 45-day period. The shooting for the same starts in February and the show goes on-air in March.

At around the same time, Imagine will be launching the third series of ‘Swayamvar’, which will see actress Ratan Rajpoot select her life-partner from a long list of bachelors.

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