I&B Ministry criticises ‘Bigg Boss’ & ‘Rakhi…’

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


India’s Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has severely criticised two shows for their adult content.

The I&B Ministry said that shows like ‘Bigg Boss’ and ‘Rakhi Ka Insaaf’ should be aired between 23:00 and 05:00 instead of primetime slots on national television. They added that shows like such should carry a disclaimer that the programmes carry adult content, which are not suitable for children.

Ever since its inception, ‘Bigg Boss’ has been in news for the wrong reasons. The show has been openly promoting promiscuity, fake marriages (Sara Khan and Ali Merchant�۪s wedding), abusive language (Dolly Bindra�۪s incessant crude comments) and inhibited display of sexuality (Veena Malik�۪s sexually loaded overtures to co-contestant Ashmit Patel) in the name of prime time entertainment on national television. ��Bigg Boss�۪ and ��Rakhi Ka Insaaf�۪ have been hugely criticized for their insensitivity towards the cultural and moral ethos of Indian society.