Hrithik Roshan: “I am excited for the next phase of my career”

Amrita Tanna

Senior Editor


Hrithik Roshan will be marking 20 years in the business in January and the actor has spoken about the journey in a recent interaction.

“The last 20 years, as an actor, have been a joy ride! Filled with learnings and diverse experiences. It has been enriching. I think I work because a working environment helps build virtues . And virtues is what one needs to become the best version of oneself . That in itself is my overall mission in life. Looking ahead, our industry is at a juncture where the audience, storytelling and technology are constantly evolving – there is so much out there to explore, to depict. It is an exciting space to be in, as an artist. I am excited for the next phase of my career,” said Roshan, talking to IANS.

Commenting on the future and what he has coming up, Roshan added, “The last few months have been a lot of discussions with writers and directors. I’ve been reading a lot of scripts and writing as well. We brainstormed some very interesting and exciting story ideas and I am looking forward to present these on screen in the capacity of an actor and producer.”

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