Hrithik Roshan feels grounded when working with father

Hrithik Roshan in 'Bang Bang'

Actor Hrithik Roshan has had an extremely tough year, and where one would expect him to go into complete melt down, the actor has held his head up high , taken all of his troubles in his stride and remained inspirationally positive throughout. Through this he has also been able to remain professional and not let his work take on any effect from his personal life.

Recently having taken a full fledged interview with Anupama Chopra, according to Hindustan Times,��Roshan spoke about his life and how being an assistant to his father before he became an actor, really taught him how to stay grounded. “It grounds you completely. Knowing how hard the people behind the camera work, it takes away all your fake ego, pride. An actor can�۪t attain much if he doesn�۪t have the knowledge about what happens behind the camera. It�۪s essential for every actor to know. I was the sixth assistant and there were times when I was the last in line to have bath.”

There have been many times where other celebrities have spoken of working with Rakesh Roshan and remember Roshan junior as his assistant. The actor went onto say how being behind the camera really gave hi an insight into how much work goes into film making. “Sometimes actors have this notion that the producers and his entire team are taking him for a ride, 99.9 Percent times that is not true, but they believe this way. But, due to my training as an assistant director I am aware of the real situation and it helps me in taking crucial decisions,” he added.

As an actor Roshan’s talent has grown from strength to strength where he has the full package of a star, with amazing acting talent, great dancing skills and a buffed up body. Though Roshan has been talking about getting into directing himself, and if his positive and courageous attitude is anything to go by, it may not be long before his name appears under the directing credits.

Roshan will be seen next in ‘Bang Bang’ which releases on 2nd October.

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