Hashmi: IPL should be scared of ��Jannat 2�۪

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Actor Emraan Hashmi who is excited about the release of his next film ��Jannat 2�۪ has said that the juggernaut that is the Indian Premier League, which kicked off this month, should be scared when his film arrives at the box office.

During the music launch of ��Jannat 2�۪, Hashmi said, “Last time, even ‘Jannat’ (2008) was released during IPL and there was so much buzz about the tournament at that time. There was a match of Kolkata Knight Riders and we had gone to Kolkata to promote our film.�۝

“That time, all the theatres were almost full… we had almost got 100 per cent opening for ‘Jannat’. We are hoping it continues for ‘Jannat 2’ as well. We are not scared of IPL��_ but IPL should be scared of us,” he said.

Producer Mukesh Bhatt echoed the same sentiments, “When IPL came for the first time, we were not afraid to release our film, then why should we be afraid this time? We are sure that our film will captivate audience. Like Emraan said, IPL must be scared of us and not we. We will storm the theatres whatever be the match, ‘Jannat 2’ will be a match-wining team.”