Geo Tez to launch in UK on Monday

Geo TV to launch Tez in UK
Geo TV to launch Tez in UK

Geo UK has confirmed to BizAsia that it will be replacing its music channel Aag with new news channel Geo Tez next week.

Aag TV content and branding will be removed completely to make way for Geo Tez.

Details of the news channel are being kept underwraps, however it will be the network’s first free channel in the UK market. Flagship channel Geo Entertainment and Geo News will continue broadcasting as premium properties.

Geo Tez has been testing in Pakistan over the past year and is now officially ready for launch, starting on Monday.

A spokesperson for Geo TV said, “Geo being part of Jang Group drives its core values in delivering News, and has its strength in producing News content that is unparallel in Urdu Language. We have decided to go permanently Free To Air on SKY Channel Number 824, which is currently airing Music Content; our younger family member Aag TV. This Sky Channel early next week will change its broadcasting content, and will bring content that is Fast & Sharp!

In this critical time of Elections in Pakistan, we will introduce a brand that delivers what is being today consumed by our audiences at the highest levels in all forms of media. We will change the way news is today consumed in the Urdu Language Audiences! ”