Four Asians are amongst sixteen contestants who will compete for ‘The Apprentice’ title, which launches tonight on BBC One.

One of the contestants will win a six-figure salary job and the chance to work with millionaire Sir Alan Sugar.

The series runs over twelve weeks. The candidates will take part in the toughest recruitment-drive on television. As Sir Alan says, “this is a job interview from hell…”

The four Asians included in the third series of the hit show are:

Ghazal Asif

Age: 23

Career: Business Development Manager

Home Town: Glasgow

Ghazal said, “I rate myself as a talented individual with strong business acumen.”

Tre Azam

Age: 27

Career: Marketing and Design Consultant

Home: Town Loughton, Essex

Tre said, “I’ve applied for The Apprentice because it will give me the opportunity to put myself up against some of the best in the country.”

Ifti Chaudhri

Age: 36

Career: Company Director

Home Town: Egham, Surrey

Ifti said, “When you can break bricks with your hands you believe in your head you can do anything and in business I take on the same ethic.”

Lohit Kalburgi

Age: 25

Career: Telecoms Manager

Home Town: London

Lohit said, “I would like people to see me as the nice guy – my game plan is to be myself and get on with things.”

Last year’s candidate Syed Ahmed managed a place in the final five and so it remains to be seen whether one of the four Asians this year will outdo Syed’s position. Syed meanwhile has been busy since getting fired by Sir Alan Sugar in the last series. “I’ve always known that I will succeed, but The Apprentice opened the right doors”.

He’s launched a recruitment firm and has been pursuing his entrepreneurial interests in the way of a revolutionary new body drying product which he hopes will make the common towel redundant!

After its two successful runs on BBC Two, the third series of ‘The Apprentice’ will now be shown on BBC One at 21:00 from tonight.