Farida Jalal returns with Y Films’ internet series ‘Love Shots’


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Y Films, a subsidiary of����Yash Raj Films, have unveiled��their latest project; a series of short films, appropriately titled ‘Love Shots’, which revolve around��adorable love stories. Their fourth film, ‘Scandal Point’ witnesses the return of��popular, veteran actors Farida Jalal and Kulbhushan Karbanda, who play a loving couple reminiscing about their college days whilst travelling in an ambassador.

Speaking about the casting,��according to Deccan Chronicle, producer��Ashish Patil said, “It was brainstorming and my casting director Shanoo [Sharma]’s idea. We were thinking on the lines of who would be cutest to watch or who would be great fun to watch, who’s naughty and then Faridaji’s name came very instantly to mind, with ‘DDLJ’ and YRF we thought that connection would be great. If Amrish Puri were alive today, it would be a great cast”.

When asking��Farida Jalal how it felt to be a part of the series, she expressed, “Well I was very excited when I was offered ‘Love Shots’. It’s nice and so ‘Gen Next’ as you call it, and modern. Also, first and foremost, it was Yash Raj. No matter what they offer, I will always do it and it was lovely to work with youngsters so I happily jumped into it.”

The legendary actress, who has starred in over two-hundred Bollywood films, is not seen much on screen now and she explains, “If you see the films these days, you will realise that there are no roles being written for me. Mothers and grandmothers haven’t stopped existing in films but I really don’t know what has happened. The moment I get a role that is written for me I will do it.”

Nowadays, we see a lot of young actors who adopt certain styling which makes them look older, on which Patil shared his views, “The couple should look the age we are portraying, I think with prosthetic and makeup you don’t buy into the story, and the beauty of what we have been able to do to some extent with ‘Love Shots’ is that they work to some extent where ever they have worked because they are real. I have always loved Faridaji, and Kulbhushanji is epic. As luck would have it, we approached and they agreed.”

The characters have been inspired by producer Ashish Patil’s parents, and it was because of this familiarity, that he was able to write dialogues for the series, along with Aparna Nadig. The film also features a trippy dance number, ‘Babu Moshai don’t be shy, let’s roll a fat one and get high.’

By Nish Misra

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