EXCLUSIVE: Channel Punjab release show details

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Since our exclusive insight into the forthcoming launch of Channel Punjab a couple of months ago, readers of BizAsia.co.ukhave been left wanting more.

BizAsia.co.uk was given a sneak peek into the channel’s content last week and judging by the footage, viewers will be treated with exceptional programming and a Punjabi channel like no other.

Even though religious will play an integral part in the channel’s schedule, it will not takeover the complete output. Programmes for all age groups have been recorded specifically for the channel (with only selected shows out sourced). Channel Punjab has also gone a step further with dramas recorded exclusively for its service. According to the CEO, the channel has already two months of content in its kitty ready for launch.

Channel Punjab will have two religious bands one in the morning and one in the evening. This will consist of daily prayers, speeches to classical hymns and much more. Feed from various gurdwaras but mainly gurdwara Duk An Var in Ludhiana, India.

Tadke- Tadke
Channel Punjab’s breakfast show. This programme will have segments on food, health, fashion, music, jokes, dance and also interviews with various prominent personalities of Punjab.

Channel Punjab will initially be screening five serials. Based on family values, culture and customs of Punjab.

�ۢ Saudey Dilan De (Indo���Pak love story)
�ۢ Aalana (a story of a transporter�۪s family)
�ۢ Mahindru Mela (Based on interesting Punjabi characters)
�ۢ Sat Guru Dayal Hai (story based on true family values)
�ۢ Asan Hun Tur Jaana (story of four young women)

Jithey Mera Satguru Vasda
This will be Channel Punjab�۪s religious travelogue. The channel will be travelling throughout Punjab visiting all the historic gurdwaras. Jithey Mera Satguru Vasda will be an educational programme.

Daddh Sarangi
This art is fading fast. The channel will show in its true form the daddh performing their musical skills which was renowned for its contents during the times of the gurus.

This musical programme is based on light classical music. The show will be focusing on the Sufi Ana Kalams and Ghazals.

Religious Quwallis from ��Mandhali Sharif�۪ (Dargah) of Punjab. Mandhali Sharif is famous for live performances of Quwallis.

Waris Punjab Da
This programme will showcase folk singers of Punjab. A tribute for their contribution to the Punjabi culture.

This programme has been designed for women. The channel feels that the women of Punjab need a platform where they can raise their concerns and also be recognized on a international level, so this will do exactly that.

Swad Aa Gaya
This will be Channel Punjab�۪s food travelogue. We all know how famous curries are worldwide; the channel will be focusing on typical dishes of rural areas as well as urban areas of Punjab.

Raundi Nai (Just Playing)
This will be Channel Punjab�۪s sport travelogue. We will be visiting towns and cities throughout Punjab to see what sport activities are being practiced and also what old games of Punjab have to offer.

Mera Rangla Punjab
This will be Channel Punjab�۪s road show travelogue. City profiles, heritage, monuments and everything that is related to the glorious history of Punjab and not forgetting the people of Punjab.

Chaanan Munare
This programme is dedicated to the senior citizens of the society. It will be interacting with the older generation and giving them a platform to voice their concerns.

Bollywood Ton
This programme will be updating viewers on the latest developments of Bollywood. Bollywood, Indi-Pop and Bhangra charts also included within this show.

Channel Punjab will be telecasting one movie per week over the weekend. The channel has acquired Punjabi Pakistani movies with new films also in the pipeline.

UK shows
A number of UK based roadshows involving students at universities and dealing with taboo subjects are a part of the channel’s plans to bring in a unique dimension to its programming output.

Channel Punjab launches in India in August (to coincide with India’s Independence Day on 15th August) and on Monday 4th September in the UK on Sky Digital.